How does this work?

People frequently mention that they have no idea how to work with an attorney. To be honest, before I became an attorney I also had no idea how to find, contact, or work with one. For most people, it’s not an everyday occurance and it can be intimidating.

The first step is an inital consultation. Before that can happen, a potential client needs to contact me. You can call, email, or schedule a time to talk. Our first converstation, or consultation, will usually be short. I do not charge you anything for this first conversation. Importantly, this first consultation does not mean that I am your attorney. The point of it is for me to learn about your issue and determine if I can help you. We have to agree to work together before an attorney-client relationship is formed.

If we do decide to work together, the next steps will vary based on the nature of your matter. We would likely have a longer meeting or call so I can gather more information and/or I may ask you to share documents for me to review before we talk again. My fee also varies depending on the type of work. Most often I charge an hourly fee. For some matters, generally those that are more discrete, I may offer a flat fee.

My biggest tip for working with me (or any attorney) is to ask questions if you are unsure about anything.


Practice Areas

My main areas of interest include:

• Employment
• Small Businesses and Start-Ups
• Civil Litigation
• School Law
• Nonprofits
• Family Law
• Wills

Feel free to contact me about any legal issue. If I don’t feel I can capably help you, I’ll try to direct you to someone who can!