Serving all of New Hampshire

Also licensed in Massachusetts

At Laflamme Law, I want to practice law in a way that makes sense to me, and hopefully in a way that makes sense to my clients. I try to center my firm around four guiding principles:


I always strive to do things in the most efficient way possible- to get results faster while keeping costs down. This generally involves using as much technology as I can and coming up with new ways to do things. 


Communication should be flexible. That might mean outside of the traditional 9-5 on Monday through Friday, or using new methods beyond snail mail and talking on the telephone. 


Seeking help from a lawyer doesn’t make you stupid, and it’s not my job to make you feel that way. I don’t assume that clients don’t know anything about the law or that they aren’t interested in learning more.


An attorney-client relationship should work both ways. I don’t want to dictate all of the terms of how we’ll work together. Like any good relationship, it should also benefit both parties. If you don’t feel like you are gaining something by working with me, I’m not doing my job right. 

I recognize that the legal needs of younger adults (and I use the word “younger” very loosely!) often go unmet. This can be because of cost concerns, uncertainty about what working with an attorney looks like, or a general discomfort with seeking out an attorney.

I hope to fix that by following my guiding principles and tailoring my practice to address these concerns.

Practice Areas

My main areas of interest include:

• Small Businesses and Start-Ups
• Employment
• Civil Litigation
• School Law
• Nonprofits
• Election Law
• Family Law
• Wills
• Landlord-Tenant

Feel free to contact me about any legal issue. If I don’t feel I can capably help you, I’ll try to direct you to someone who can!